Ice Breaker Questions

If you need to break it down, we'll help!

ice breaker questionsIt is very important to take the first step of a group to a positive degree by being sure that every member feels comfortable as possible. The activities that the group will do will have a huge impact as it will help the members. Before making an ice breaker for the group, you should know your group well, consider the characteristics of each member, know the constraints, know their beliefs, a little bit facts and statements and of course, consider the types of ice breakers that are appropriate.

Here are some of my favorite ice breaker activities. These ice breakers are the best and handpicked by me. I have played it few times before and it is effective. Try them out and I’m sure you will be having fun. And if your ever looking for a job call removalists with your questions for good answers.

Never Have I Ever – You can do this activity indoor or outdoor. There is no required number of members. In order to do this, let everyone form a circle and sit down. Then each member holds out their ten fingers and one by one announce something they have never done before. To start, they should begin the sentence with “Never have I ever…” For each statement, the other members should drop their finger if they already done that statement. The member, who stays longer in the game and the last one with fingers remaining, wins! By doing this, the members can get to know each other’s experiences.

Telephone Charades or also known as Charades down the Line – This is a funny activity because the act is most likely to change because of each member’s point of view. You can do this best with 5 to 6 members but you can also do this with larger number. You can do this activity indoor or outdoor, wherever you feel comfortable. In order to do this, ask the members to line up facing one side of the room except for the first member in line. He or she will see what the clue is for him or her to act out. The first member should ask the second member to turn around and act the clue out. No one is allowed to talk or make any noise. Do this until it reaches the last member and he or she should guess what the act is. After which you would like a computer repairs company to bail you out.

Fear in a Hat – This is a little bit sensitive but it will help the group to have trust in each other and be united. In order to do this, you should give each person a pen and paper. Ask them to put a fear they have. Remember to be honest and to be specific. If everyone is done writing, compile everything into a huge hat. Then jumble the papers and give each one a random paper. They should say the fear aloud and try to explain the meaning. It is like trying to be in someone’s shoes. If every fear was said aloud, get the common the fear of the group and discuss on how to solve it.

Along with large players in a group that has a limited space, probably the games that you can play are the ones that contain few volunteers while the rest are just watching. And it may result to a boring and sleepy activity. That is why you should come up with a fun and enjoyable games and do not forget to give a chance to every member of the group. It can be a short or long game as long as everyone is participating well. Some games can also be played while you are in a team building or training and even in workshops.

Here are some great games for groups that might be suitable for you. You can also re-arrange it and add more twists:

Alphabet Soup Race – This game can also be played with small or big groups. To do this, you must have some large bowls that can fit ones face, some Alphabet soup and containers or plates. Then choose 2 players from different groups and when they are ready, make a signal to start the game. The 2 players shall bury their face in the soup and sip the alphabets. Then run to the table where the containers or plates are and they should drop the alphabets without using their hands. They should also arrange the letters to form a word. For more twists, you can set a time limit for about a minute or two where the 2 players can go back to the bowl and get more letters but remember the first player to form a word, wins!

Balloon Master – It would be better if you can divide the groups into 2 or more with 4 to 5 members each. To do this, you must give each group a masking tape and some balloons. Then on your cue, each member should roll the masking tape the opposite side all over their co-member. Have the other members blow up their balloons quickly and stick as many as they can to the taped member. The member with the most balloon attached, wins! You can add some twists to this by adding time limit and obstacles they need to do before sticking some balloons on to their co-member. After that visit removals balwyn to get a good quote on what you want.

Banana Foot Peel – This game is indeed a fun game. Everyone can enjoy this and I’m sure everyone wants to try it. Don’t worry there is no age limit for this. To do this, you need one banana per player. It doesn’t matter how many players will play as long as you can handle it, then its fine. Now let them take off their shoes and if they have socks, let them also take it off. Give them a banana and on your cue, the players should peel the banana without using their hands, only their foot and as quickly as they can. The first player, who got the banana peeled, wins! You can add a twist by letting them eat the banana and chew it quickly as they can.

small group activitiesDoing group activities will help the group to be more cooperative and competitive. It will also help boost their confidence. Group activities are a priceless gem that contributes a foundation to develop the skills of an individual. It is also a fun way to learn a lot of things like respecting each other, communicating their thoughts, resolving conflicts, develop more positive feelings , develops “give and take” attitude, foster healthy competition among members, being more productive, appreciate how their inputs are important to the outcome, and constantly exploring others and their feelings.

Many people find it hard to develop their skills but with these group activities it will help them to improve a lot of mental, physical and social skills.

Team Spoons – You can do this game indoor or outdoor wherever you feel comfortable. The material that you only need is a deck of cards. In order to do this, ask the members to pair up and select what is their secret signal. After everyone’s done let them sit in a circle and their partners should be sitting directly across them. Give 4 cards to every member and place down the remaining cards next to you. The most important rule is to get cards of 4 of every kind. If one member was able to get 4 of every kind, he or she should make a signal to his or her partner and shout “Spoons”. The first pair to complete the card of 4 of a kind and say “Spoon” gets 1 point but if another pair catches anyone making a signal to their partner he or she should say “Bust” then the round ends and the caught pair loses 1 point. You can add some twists with this activity by making the points higher than 1 for every pair who first says “Spoon”. If your having home troubles and need a easy move removalists st kilda east will have your number.

Slap Jack – This is another card game where you can play indoor or outdoor. It doesn’t matter how many members you have in your group as long as everyone gets to have some fun. In order to do this, you must shuffle and deal all the cards to all members and each member shall hold his or her card facedown. You start it either by left or right. The first member should start by tossing over his or her card and should mention the word “Ace” – which is the first card value. Then the next member should also toss his or her card and mention “2” then place the card on top of the first member’s card. The members should continue this until all members have done it. Remember if the card reaches the “King”, they should repeat the sequence again. If the tossed card is the same as the number or name being mentioned, everyone should slap the card. The first member who slaps the card – wins! And he or she should get the pile of cards. You can add some twists by using 2 of the same cards each member instead of one.